CWS Harrisburg supports our region's refugees as they resettle, integrate, and thrive through programs and projects that encourage self-sufficiency.

CWS Harrisburg’s First Annual Appeal

Donations are urgently needed to support the basic needs of arriving and welcomed refugees!

The Urgency

By the end of September, we will welcome 440 refugees compared to 135 in the previous year. They arrive to the Harrisburg region from countries such as Syria, DRC, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Belarus, Venezuela, Sudan, Somalia, Nicaragua, Ivory Coast, Congo, and Burma- to integrate and thrive in their new communities. 

Your donation will be put to work immediately to provide housing and utilities for our clients with high vulnerabilities, including single mothers and those with severe medical issues.

Your support is the bridge from barriers to belonging.

Together, we rise. Together, we welcome. Together, we thrive.

Let's not just imagine a world of welcome—let's create it.
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